Secondary Vocational Electrotechnical School, 5 Adlera Street in Dubravka, Bratislava has been an independent school since 1968. The school was one of the first in Slovakia to be equipped with a computer centre.
The School is situated in Bratislava – the capital of Slovakia – the centre of culture, education.
There are many facilities we can offer our visitors to see and to go.
The School is located outside the centre (but not far app 6 km) in a hilly site.
There is a canteen, gymnasiums,a playground and tennis courts.
The students are able to speak English language at pre-intermediate and intermediate levels.
The School enables the students to graduate after four years with a specialization in Electronics Computer Systems, Automation Technology (since 2003 Industrial Informatics), Informatics and Telecommunications Systems and Sight and Sound Technics. During the study they learn the following subjects: social sciences, e.g Slovak language and literature, foreign language, History, etc. Mathematics – natural science, e.g. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc. Vocational study, e.g. Electrical engineering, Electrotechnology, Electronics, Electrical measurments, Telecommunications, Networking technologies, Automation technology etc.
On average 600 students attend the School forming app 20 classes and 2 evening courses. The number of graduates in the 35 - year history of the school amounts to 10 000. The teaching staff consists of 60 teachers. The school has 25 classrooms as well as 25 laboratories and workshops.
Students from basic schools, aged 15, who have passed the entrance examinations (in mathematics and Slovak language) are chosen to attend our school. In their course of study they learn humanities, special theoretical and practical subjects. In their second and third years of study, the students must complete a ten day intership in some businesses or corporations. The graduation examinations include a practical part – a project which may be completed over the year or during a one day laboratory examination at the end of the school year as well as theoretical part (Slovak language, specialization, mathematics/foreign language).
The management and teaching staff of the School are making an effort to maintain the quality of the equipment with modern standards. They follow the new trends and progress in new technologies. In 2000 the Local Cisco Networking Academy was established. Today it has app 270students in 4 semesters. In 2001, 2002 and 2003 our LCNA was evaluated as the best Academy in Slovakia.
We join Infovek, Monitor, PISA projects. We cooperate with schools from abroad, too:
TGM, Wexstrasse, Viena, Austria
ETS Mihajlo Pupin, Novy Sad, Serbia
TSC Nova Gorica, Slovenia

The School has been organizing a regional competition for secondary vocational schools for ten years. Students compete in different areas: ecology, electrotechnics, informatics, art, etc.
A course for elementary school pupils runs every year. Its aim is to show perspective students the school, to explain orientation and specialization and to find out how much students are interested in a study at our school. The course participants make electrical circuits themselves, they learn about the basis of measurment devices, how to use and utilize a computer. They can check their knowledge of mathematics an Slovak language as well.
After finishing the course students and their parents get better imagination about a study and job choice.

The School has its own radio studio, audio – video editing centre where students can record.

Our teachers run several after school clubs, e.g. Electrotechnical, Programming, Web sides formation, Robotics, Foreign languages, Sports, etc. We also cooperate with university teachers.
To fullfil our goals, we must find new ways to enlarge our budget. It is necessary that teachers and parents unite with outside sponsors to help to improve and maintain an excellent standard of teaching.

Dipl. Ing. Frantisek Vegh


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